Before EOG

As the Assistant Principal of PS 200, I have worked with Ms. Ann Edwards and the Edwards Orton-Gillingham team for the past several years. We began our partnership together when our school decided to pilot the Orton-Gillingham approach, which is an explicit, multi-sensory, diagnostic and prescriptive way to teach

At first we arranged for a few select teachers in grades K-2 to be trained in this approach. However, we quickly noticed an improvement in teacher understanding and student success. Therefore, we expanded our training the following year which included the remainder of our kindergarten and first grade teachers. The next year, we further expanded the program to include all second grade teachers.

After EOG

Currently, all of our teachers in K-2 have been trained by Ms. Ann Edwards and/or her staff. As a result of this training, we have noticed a positive change in our teacher’s instructional practices and an improvement in our students’ academic success.

We continue to work with Ms. Edward as she supports our teachers within the classrooms by observing their practices, modeling lessons for them and co-planning and co-teaching lessons together. Our teachers are now more confident in their pedagogical practices in teaching literacy as a result of her instruction. We plan to continue our partnership in the future and highly recommend her services.

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