Before EOG

Nearly a decade ago, PS 101 had the chance to discuss our school vision with Ms. Ann Edwards. Our shared vision led us to a partnership that brought our teaching and learning to another level of success by adopting the Orton-Gillingham approach in our elementary school. I am proud to say, my entire early childhood teaching team, special education staff and ELL personnel have all been trained with thirty or more accredited hours with Edwards Orton-Gillingham Inc.

After EOG

The OG instructional approach is an integral part of our daily instruction and supports our literacy program. It is woven through the grades with multi-sensory drills to include executive functioning, grammar and advanced morphology.

As building leader, I have entrusted Ms. Ann Edwards and her qualified staff to help build a foundation of core instruction to break the code with struggling students and to ensure my teachers have the tools they need to properly plan and execute drill-based instruction with reading, spelling and writing. Edwards Orton-Gillingham, Inc. has always had our best interests at heart with constant supports, feedback and close communication with ideas, flexibility, creativity and next steps.

Leadership and support like this from other vendors, sales supports and companies is hard to come by, which is why we value our genuine partnership with Ms. Ann Edwards.

I hold great respect for Ms. Edwards and her team, as they strive to provide the highest quality of professional learning for my staff of dedicated educators, in order to build a skill-set so they can best serve their students in reaching their educational goals.

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